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[Follow Ur Art] is more than just a website; it's a community and physical space where artists of all backgrounds come together to explore, learn, and elevate their art practice. Our mission is to provide an inclusive and inspiring environment for artists to thrive.

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All students get to learn about color theory, different art theories, different art techniques, the magic of color mixing, and more. By taking the best art classes, kids will receive not only the basic knowledge and skill of art but will also improve memory and attention, refine motor skills, develop imagination, and speech and enhance cognitive thinking.

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Space for Artistic Practice For All

Art Practice

Art Practice is the way of seeing. There is much to be learned from copying a painting you admire. There are always new painting techniques and tricks to learn and copying different paintings will help you acquire these skills. As you look at the painting and try to copy it, ask yourself questions such as the following: What color did the artist lay on first? What kind of brushstroke is going on? How did the artist make that plane recede? Is that edge soft or hard? Did the artist apply the paint thinly or thickly?

In this workshop, you will learn the work of old masters with acrylic or oil paints.


Art practice- $50 for 2 hrs

Space for Artistic Practice